Saturday, January 3, 2015

Week 1: Meal Plans

Well hello!  Welcome to week one of meal plans.  I'm one of the GGS girls that needs to lose 25 pounds.  Why?  I'm not over by BMI but in the last few years the pounds have just been creeping up on me.  I do exercise but obviously not enough and eating too much.  I need to get this under control once and for all.  Once there, I need to go  into maintenance and continue to keep the pounds off.  I just feel more comfortable weighing less than this.  I don't feel like myself.

Current Weight: 160
Goal Weight: 135

I'm not going to focus this site on the exercise (I may include this later) just the meal planning on this page.  These are the foods that I'm going to focus on and it looks something like this:

3 cheat meals per week, including large sushi

Focus high protein low carbs lots of veggies - goal to eat about 1200 calories per day

Breakfast (200)

Frittata with veggies
Poached egg with shredded sweet potatoes
Greek yogurt with fruit
Cottage cheese with fruit

Lunch (300)
Sandwich with lettuce
Veggie burger with lettuce
Tuna/ tuna burger
Crab salad
Small sushi with little rice
Salad with protein (mason salad shakers)
Egg salad
Vegetables and fruit with protein
Greek yogurt and fruit with some cereal
Cottage cheese and  fruit

Dinner (400)
Protein with veggies
Curry with chicken and broccoli

Snacks (200)
Hummus with veggies
Hard egg
Smoothie , green
Any breakfast ideas
Kale chips
Sweet potatoes chips
Sea weed chips

This first week meal plan is:


Over night oatmeal
Green Smoothie


Mason Jar Salads x 4
Small California roll - total 8
Tuna Patty with lettuce for the bun


Monday - Thai Chicken Lettuce Tacos
Tuesday - Vegan Curry
Wednesday - Four Cheese Baked Spaghetti Squash
Thursday - Not your Granny's Meatloaf with salad
Friday - Weight Watchers Alfredo
Saturday - left - overs
Sunday - out to dine!
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