Tuesday, February 4, 2014

One Point Weight Watchers Breakfast Ideas

When I am following Weight Watchers and going to the meetings, I regularly just like to switch my breakfast with only a few options.  I also like to make sure that the points are super low (never know what the day might throw at you!) and there is plenty of protein in the meal to keep me full until lunch (or at least close to lunch).

Here are my tested, tried and true breakfast options that will not disappoint you and your appetite!

Egg white scramble with any vegetable of choice.  (One point weight watchers recipe)

My favorite is baby greens (kale and spinach) and lots of mushrooms.

It doesn't look that great but look how large that plate is for just one point weight watcher meal.  Use 1/2 cup egg whites and as many vegetables as you choose.  I do add ketchup so I add another point on to this meal.  Use hot sauce to keep the point value at one.

Berry Protein Smoothie (one point weight watchers recipe)

Of course another really good stand-by is a berry smoothie.
I use a banana, berries on hand, baby greens and one cup of almond milk (40 calories per cup)

Greek Yogurt and Berries or any fruit you have one hand (one point weight watchers recipe)
I use the 50 calories cups to keep it down to one point.  So good and really filling.

What do you eat for breakfast when trying to shed some pounds?

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